Amanda Nicol



'Re-examine all you have been told.

Dismiss what insults your soul.' WALT WHITMAN




​​I'm a writer, a landscape painter, and I'm passionate about healing - individual, societal, and environmental. I've published 'fiction with attitude', and my painting reflects my love of the natural world. My lived experience has made me a highly motivated advocate for truth and justice in medicine.

House of Bread is an account of life in a UK psychiatric hospital, based on my own experience of what I now know to be a spiritual emergency without context. Badric's Island satirises the ridiculous and damaging advertising targeting women in the media. In Dead Pets Society, my character endeavours to find a way through our environmental crisis, dependence on fossil fuel and its toxic bi-products, and our relationship with the natural world. As she grieves the loss of her beloved dog, she explores the profound disconnect between the way we treat the animals we know and love and all the others we are happy to exploit. There can be a happy ending, but we must choose one, then take action to achieve it. A r/evolution in conscious awareness is essential if we are to succeed.

Currently, I'm writing a memoir exploring my experience of psychiatric and cancer treatment, what these epidemics can teach us when viewed as a part of our environmental crisis, and how I unraveled my diagnoses to discover how these things are intrinsically linked. In light of the current political and pharmaceutical exploitation of an outdated biological model, plus a whole new phase of my own illness and healing, this piece of work continues to evolve. 

I am also working on a children's book with a quirky space-age take on spiritual ecology.


Like many, I spent years of my life wondering why I found it difficult to sustain the physical and mental wellbeing I knew to be my birthright. There seemed to be no answers. I was told that it was just the way things were, and people with 'diagnosable mental illnesses' were just unlucky - the human equivalents of extreme, random, weather events. 


But you don't have to be diagnosed by the psychiatric services, or have cancer, to feel the dis-ease of modern life, especially right now. Huge numbers of people are suffering from chronic illness, and the pharmaceutical industry rarely has answers. Inevitable physical and, nowadays, mental deterioration is, we're told, just part of the human condition. This is part of the disease model with which we have been indoctrinated, and the need to challenge it is urgent. Thankfully, many across the world are actively engaged in this vital work. 

I encourage anyone who seeks understanding of what the New Science of the last thirty years has revealed about our place in our miraculous environment to watch the eminent triple board certified physician, regenerative agronomist and leading light of our era, Zach Bush MD explain the virome here.


I've been on a cancer journey for a decade, and have barely left a stone unturned in the world of alternative or integrative medicine. After being violently sectioned by psychiatry in my twenties, very reluctantly, and under great pressure, I underwent conventional cancer treatment more than once, which left me with serious physical damage. 


I've endured severe depressions as my body-mind processed what happened to me, and I've delved deeply into my own conditioned beliefs and imprints from my upbringing in this society. Despite the trauma and the life-changing outcomes, I remain hugely grateful to all the amazing healers and medical practitioners who have educated, treated me and saved my life, both in the UK and in Mexico, even when (with caveats) that education was a less than positive experience.


Now, despite a 'terminal diagnosis', my belief in the healing potential of the earth, our bodies, minds and hearts by natural means remains unshakeable. But only if and when we take the time to learn about our personal and planetary deep ecology. This is a journey into profound wonder and joy at the exquisite, intricate web of life of which we are each a unique and an essential part. 


The understanding that self-care and our individual healing journeys are each a vital part of the healing of our struggling planet couldn't be a more powerful incentive to wake up, clean up, choose love over fear every time, and join in the birthing of the New Paradigm. 


Thanks to the work of Anthony William, the Medical Medium, I'm witnessing an ongoing and profound healing in my body, and psyche too. I've come to understand that the fight is not with ourselves, our own bodies or minds, but with the potent and often lethal mix of trauma, toxicity, pathogens and learnt, self-limiting beliefs, which we all are subject to at this time because of our personal and collective histories, and broken system. If we are ever to achieve holistic health, these issues must be acknowledged and addressed, as must the widespread damage being done to so many by the pharmaceutical industry and toxic, carcinogenic agricultural practices.

However, despite all our personal, social and environmental problems erupting and this polarising 'coronavirus pandemic' and its dire social and economic consequences, the will and potential to heal is real and tangible: we are witnessing a Great Awakening as so many across the world are reclaiming their personal sovereignty and 'being the change'. There is cause for optimism.


We can't idealise a lost Eden, but we can, even within the constraints of our society and the mess we've made of our world, get back to the garden, be healthy, and most importantly, happy. Healing is a spiritual journey, it can lead nowhere else, and it's great to be here now.