Orange Roughy #WorldOceansDay2020

Photo image of Orange Roughy Fish

I am a Roughy Fish I live for a very long time I am to be found all over the world Since 1889

Yes, back when Van Gogh was painting All orange and yellow and gold A human discovered a Roughy Fish 150 years old

(That takes us to 1739 The year that Dick Turpin was hanged But how could I possibly know this And why should I give a damn?)

For I am a Roughy Fish And I like to take it slow I live right down at the bottom of the sea And take a very long time to grow

So leave me alone please don’t catch me With your deadly deep water technique Once I was safe and unreachable But now my future is bleak

They say my oil could substitute For that of the mighty sperm whale As much as we all hate the harpoon My courage is starting to fail

Yes I am a Roughy Fish And I breed very late in life I haven’t got that many eggs you see And was slow to become a wife

So please be kind to the Roughy Fish And let me slip through the net Don’t catch me before I have children I haven’t got round to it yet.

#fish #WorldOceansDay2020